Why Blitz

Load and Performance Testing

Blitz is a fresh approach to load and performance testing on the cloud. Developers are embracing newer, simpler and more agile technologies like Sinatra, Rails and node.js. Blitz brings that simplicity and agility to load and performance testing. Whether you are building a location-aware iPhone® or Android® app or your favorite RESTful API, you will quickly find value at an affordable price with Blitz.

Blitz brings Simplicity and agility to load and performance testing by enabling you to instantly burst up to 200,000 concurrent users (up to 50,000 per region) against your app in seconds from different regions around the world. Use our regional selection tool to choose from which areas you want to drive traffic. Blitz eliminates the need for complex scripting by allowing the developers to use a cURL interface that aligns with the rest of their environment.


  • Complex transactions

    Whether you want to test a web page or a complex transaction , Blitz makes it easy for you to determine the number of users you can support.

  • Plugins

    With our extension for Chrome or add-on for Firefox , just navigating to a webpage and run a performance test. Blitz takes care of the cookies, authentication and all the other underlying complexities.

  • Automation

    With the Ruby GEM and full integration with Continuous Integration servers like Atlassian's Bamboo CI server, automated performance testing can ensure that no code push can cause a poor experience for your users.