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Rushing | Basics

Rushing in Blitz parlance is load and performance testing. Not to mention the adrenaline surge you get while watching your app scale out. Staying on the command line theme, you can turn everything you learned about Sprinting into a load test by using the --pattern option. For example:

-p 1-10000:120 -r california

instantly launches a load test against your app, where the number of concurrent users goes from 1 to 10,000 over 120 seconds. Simple and fun. You get instant results while the load test is running as well as a post-run analysis of what happened.

To run a rush with Blitz requires a certain number of credits. You will receive a certain amount of credits each month, depending on which plan you have subscribed to. If you need more credits than are included in your monthly plan, you can easily add credits to your account on-demand.

If you are looking for a single-click load and performance test, check out our Chrome Extension that allows you to instantly run a load test by simply navigating to a page in your app.

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