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Rushing | Authorization

Given that Blitz is a multi-tenant, self-service cloud app, we had to take some precautions about which apps you can rush. Before rushing your site you need to authorize the domain in the Settings page. You'll need to create a unique file in your web server root. For example, the authorization url will look like this:

The unique ID belongs to you. By making this URL return a value of 42 as the content, you are letting us know you are the devops person for that app.

The easiest way to ensure this is to create a file at the root of your www directory with 42 as the contents. However, if your app is a RESTful server built on Rails, Sinatra, node.js or something similar, you can simply add a route like below:

get '/mu-1234-cafe-5678-babe' do

You can also use meta-tag authorization by adding a <meta> tag to the <head> section of your index page ("/"):

<meta name="blitz" content="mu-1234-cafe-5678-babe">

This is just a precaution to prevent accidental DoS'ing of apps that you don't own.

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