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Ruby Gem | Transactions

While the Ruby Gem exposes a powerful API to programmatically run sprints and rushes, it also exposes a simple command-line interface to run these directly from the shell. Conceptually, the blitz command line parameters apply to a single request, whether they are parameterized or not. So you can easily repeat these combining a sequence of GET's, POST's and PUT's with varying parameters, timeouts, etc. Here's a simple example:

With built-in cookie support, it's very easy to see the performance and response time of this transaction from multiple geo locations. The only constraint is that the secondary steps refer the same host (domain) as in the first one and you are limited up to 4 steps. Here's another example that goes against which is a sample app that echoes back what was sent:

Finally, rushing (load testing) this multi-step sequence is as simple as adding the pattern to the command line:

All in all, no recording, no scripting and we are making it that much easier for developers to incorporate load/performance and monitoring into your Continuous Integration process.

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