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Options are how you tell Blitz about things like custom headers, authentication, pattern, regions etc. Use options inside the blitz bar to customize a load test for your app, like this:

Usage: blitz [options] url

The table below lists all supported options. Options in orange are used to specify data inside the HTTP requests that are sent to your app. Options in green are for Blitz-specific parameters such as pattern, timeout, and variables.

Option Value Description
-A --user-agent <string> User-Agent to send to server (set to - to use your browser's user-agent string)
-b --cookie name=string Cookie to send to the server (can have more than one)
-d --data string Data to send in a PUT or POST request. Content-Type defaults to application/x-www-form-urlencoded
--delay number Set a delay before HTTP request after connection established
-e --referer string Referer URL
-H --header string Custom header to pass to server
-k --keepalive Enable HTTP keepalive
-X --request method Specify request method to use (GET, HEAD, PUT, etc.)
-u --user user[:password] Set server user and password (for Base64 authentication)
-1 --tlsv1 Use TLSv1 (SSL)
-2 --sslv2 Use SSLv2 (SSL)
-3 --sslv3 Use SSLv3 (SSL)
--har url Run performance test for selected URL
-p --pattern start-end:time Ramp from the start to end concurrent users in the specified duration
-p --pattern [region:start-end, region:start-end, ...]:time Run a multi-region rush from the start to end concurrent users in the specified duration
-r --region string Choose one of  californiaoregonvirginiasingaporejapangermanyirelandbrazil or australia
-s --status number Assert on the specific status code in the HTTP response
-T --timeout milliseconds How long to wait for both connect and responses (default is 1 sec)

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