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Since Mercury, record-replay has been the standard for creating load tests. This made sense in the waterfall model when app deployment took months and you spent days scripting tests. Now, with the agility of cloud apps and continuous deployment, you don't have time to write scripts that no longer work after the next git push.

In modern times, we have direct access to cookies and can get inside your application to understand its scalability. The FireFox add-on brings Blitz to any location on the web, enabling you to simply navigate to a page in your app and run a rush or sprint from around the world.

Download Firefox Add-On

Get the Blitz Firefox add-on to run load tests on any page in your app. After you've installed the add-on you can access it from the Blitz icon in the top bar:

Just like the Blitz bar, the browser add-on requires no scripting and no test creation. It's the simplest way to incorporate load and performance testing into your development cycle.

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