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New Relic is an applications management tool that helps you monitor, troubleshoot, and tune your production web apps 24x7. If you signup for a New Relic Pro account, you can sync performance data from that account with Blitz load tests and view metrics such as Memory and Throughput overlaid on the Blitz response time graph.

API access is available only for New Relic Pro accounts.

To set up the sync, head over to Blitz Settings and click the Plugins tab to enter the account ID and API key for your New Relic Pro account (we'll also prompt you to select default apps for rush reports). Then just complete a rush against your app and select a New Relic metric to overlay it on the Blitz response time chart.

Short Rushes

New Relic gathers app metrics with 1 minute granularity. Because the free Blitz plan limits rushes to 1 minute, the response time chart displays only summary information for each of the New Relic metrics, as shown below:

Long Rushes

When you switch to a paid plan on Blitz you can rush for more than 1 minute — the higher the paid plan, the longer you can rush. Longer rushes show finer granularity for New Relic metrics so you can clearly see how CPU UsageMemory UsageThroughputDB Response Times, and  DB Calls map to the number of concurrent users on your app, as shown below:

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