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Analytics | Basics

Blitz provides an outside-in perspective on app performance with metrics such as response times, hit rates, errors, and timeouts (see full details in  highlights). While these default metrics give you a great baseline, you can dramatically enhance your view by using our New Relic®Scout, and CopperEgg plugins for Analytics.

To add enhanced Analytics to Blitz, head over to Settings and click the Plugins tab to enter your credentials (New Relic, Scout, or CopperEgg) so Blitz can get data from those accounts. After running a rush, select a plugin metric to directly overlay on the response time graph. Want to see CPU utilization for a specific number of users on your app? No problem. Throughput? Memory? It's all there in one Blitz graph.

Although you can configure multiple analytic plugins, only 1 plugin can be active at a time.

Get started now by setting up a New Relic or Scout or CopperEgg analytics plugin.

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