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Overview | Introducing Blitz

Blitz is a fresh approach to load and performance testing on the cloud. Other load testing tools were built in an era of complex environments and the waterfall model. With so many PaaS offerings, developers are embracing newer, simpler, and easier technologies like Sinatra, Rails, and node.js to simply git push up to the cloud.

We wanted to bring development agility to load and performance testing to help you scale out your app. Whether it's a location-aware iPhone® or an Android® app or your favorite RESTful API, you will find Blitz to be easy, affordable, and fast.

Meet the Blitz Bar

The first thing you are going to meet is the Blitz Bar where you'll run all of your load and performance tests:

We took common dev tools like cURL, Firebug, and ab and adapted the interface to make it easy for developers to get started with load and performance testing. The command-line look and feel is intentional as we find that having a complex form-filling UI just takes too long and is too cumbersome to get a load test going.

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