Load testing from the cloud

Performance testing on websites, web apps and REST APIs with Blitz

How Blitz Works:
  • 1. Enter your URL

    Blitz is cloud-based, there is no software to install.

  • 2. Test with virtual users

    Blitz supports up to 200,000 virtual users from 8 different worldwide locations (up to 50,000 per region) to load test your app or website.

  • 3. Analyze reports

    Compare different software stacks, hardware resources, and service providers. Discover progress regressions before your users do.

Trusted by over 85,000 users worldwide

…important reasons for choosing Blitz.io's were their reputation and capacity. Blitz.io offers a free trial, which makes it well-known among system admins and network engineers.
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With hundreds of customers and over 22 million end-users, we need a testing solution that is as complete and scalable as our own – we found that with Blitz.
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